Herbal Consultants helps you in choosing the right ingredient from the right place.

We have developed an integrated business process for developing and executing comprehensive sourcing plans that ensure the availability of materials at the right time and quality at the lowest total costs.  We have a dedicated team of individuals focused on the strategic procurement of goods.

Our Strength:

  • Knowledge of competent and reliable sources.
  • Sound technical background.
  • Strong negotiation skills and feedback.
  • Cordial buyer-seller relationship.

We help you in sourcing the following cGMP price effective ingredients and packaging materials:

  • Herbal extracts.
  • Herbal powders.
  • Botanical Materials.
  • Enzymes.
  • Flavours.
  • Fruit Powders.
  • Glandular Materials.
  • Minerals (Pharmaceuticals).
  • Nutritional Materials.
  • Oil Powders.
  • Oils.
  • Packaging moulds / dyes.
  • Bottles & cartons.
  • HDPE, PET, PP, ABS, PC, LDPE granules.
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