International Business

After ascertaining the credentials in the healthcare industry of any Country, any Company begins spreading its wings beyond its mother Country with thrust on becoming a global player in the international market.

Herbal Consultants Pvt. Ltd. helps you in achieving your gaols into the international business. We work with a ‘Reverse Mechanism’ for international business development. We contact the international buyers and ask them for the products indented to be added to their portfolio for sales in their upcoming sales programme. The same category of products are then developed by our team for the customer. In this way, we don’t only provide you services for the product development, but also give you confidence and assurance for international business.

How do we introduce new products in the territory?

  • Assess the dynamics of the reference market of the products and issue of a report outlining commercial and regulatory aspects (requirements and timing), including a first screening of potential partners [this takes around 1 month].
  • Identify and select the most appropriate commercial partner in each territory for a given product in order to maximize sales potential, looking at possible synergies between partners and products [fit in portfolio].
  • Conduct and/or facilitate negotiations with potential partners to ensure that opportunities meet partnering objectives and that Heads of Agreement are signed in a reasonable time.
  • We do the follow-up of the project up till the launch of the product and further monitor the performance in the market place.

We also do have our international business places located in U.S.A., Brazil, Canada, Netherlands, Poland, U.A.E., Thailand and Australia, thus, covering the whole globe for a proper support in the international business development.