Product Development

Product Development

Herbal Consultants supports you in the successful development of natural health products, dietary food supplements and nutraceutical products from start to finish. Our services in this area include:

  • New concept development for product innovation.
  • Creative design of innovative products with efficient and appealing ingredient combinations and innovative formulations.
  • Substantiation of therapeutic health claims, structure/function claims.
  • Conceptualization of in vitro and animal studies with GLP certified laboratories to determine efficacy and safety of your product.
  • Design and realization of tailor-made clinical trials to document efficacy and to substantiate health claims for your products.
  • Development of Product Monographs for consumers and professionals.
  • Application and maintenance of product registration submissions under various organizations across the globe such as USFDA, MHRA, etc.

Our experts have developed dietary supplement and functional food products in the global markets, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.  We apply the most up-to-date science and innovative technologies, insightful understanding of the consumer-market and success-proven processes in product development.

We help our clients to increase time-to-market and investment return of new products.

We know that every step of product development is interrelated, contributing to the success of product in the market.  We approach product development holistically, by getting it done right the first time, saving you previous time, money, and resources from the back-and-forth practice.

Our product development services include:

We offer a one-stop solution of product development services:  product concept, product strategy, formulation, prototype, scale-up, material sourcing, supplier qualification, raw material and finish product specifications, manufacturer selection, production and process control, and technical transfer.  We apply agile product development processes to bring ideas to market quickly, efficiently, and successfully.

Product Strategy

We help you to create a successful product strategy that pinpoints your niche market, edges your core competence, and improves the performance of your product portfolio.


Experienced in the product development processes from concept to market, our formulators develop formulas that align with your product strategy, support your product claims, and keep your product costs in control.

Our formulators ensure the safety, efficacy, regulatory compliance, and robust processing of the formulas.


Knowing the attributes necessary for safety, quality, regulatory compliance, and customer requirements, we establish relevant specifications for raw materials, in-process and finished products, ensuring the integrity of products and saving costs from unnecessary testing.

Manufacturing Processing

Focusing on “Design for Manufacture” and “Built-in Quality”, Herbal Consultants helps you to identify critical processes and parameters and to optimize production procedures.  We provide integrated solutions with speed and efficiency.

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