IT Solutions

New digital technology has created a step-change in the volumes of data being generated across all industries. Looking ahead, data volumes are expected to grow by up to 60% each year across all sectors – and by up to 120% each year in media-intensive sectors, including financial services.

Businesses that know how to capture and analyze this data will gain a clear advantage when it comes to identifying new markets, understanding customers, managing profitability, cutting costs, monitoring risk, modeling scenarios and managing performance. We apply business intelligence with this in mind – focusing on real business challenges and developing practical solutions that give our clients the insight they need to do better business.

What we do:

Business intelligence and analytics essentials
We offer a set of rapid, highly targeted services to help you get better value from your BI activities. These include our BI Health Check, which delivers an action plan to get BI functioning more smoothly, and our BI Readiness Assessment to help your prepare for successful implementation of your future BI plan. We can also help you pull together disparate BI initiatives into a strategy foundation, and track down data from scattered sources to address specific and complex business problems.

Big data
Our big data services help you access and analyze large amounts of data from different sources and use it to improve decision-making, optimize performance and create new business opportunities. We make sure you have a supporting business case and a clear strategy for application, data quality, supporting processes and organization.

Regulation and compliance 
Given the ever-increasing pressure of regulation across all industries, we can create the business data framework needed to meet the significant data-gathering requirements imposed by regulations such as Basel III and Solvency II.

Predictive analysis 
We use data from a range of sources, including your own historical data and external market data, to make informed, data-supported predictions about the areas where your business can create value and compete to win in future.

New IT systems represent a significant investment for any business, but often fail to deliver the intended solution. Suppliers, too, wrestle with the challenges of delivering systems projects successfully; the average cost overrun on a large IT project is a sobering 60%. It’s clear that IT delivery projects are difficult to control – but a relatively small investment in delivery assurance can significantly increase the chances of success. We work with both customers and suppliers to achieve this.

What we do:

Identify the key risks jeopardizing successful project delivery 
We bring a clear, objective perspective to our clients’ projects to give early warning of issues that put successful delivery at risk. Our independence from suppliers and service providers means our clients can be confident of an unbiased assessment.

Analyse the root cause of issues threatening delivery 
We know that if delivery assurance is to make a difference, checking processes and ticking boxes won’t do. Our consultants draw on their own experience of project delivery to get right to the bottom of issues that represent risk.

Recommend and implement practical interventions to bring delivery back on track.
We develop workable proposals to bring projects back on track. Our recommendations are tailored to each client’s specific industry and environment.

Improve established IT services 
We analyze risk and explore options for developing processes and capabilities to help businesses improve the delivery of established IT services.

Help businesses build their own assurance capability 
We work with our clients to help them build an internal assurance function that adds measurable value by supporting successful project delivery.

Digital innovation is transforming business, creating opportunities to serve customers in new ways and to run organizations more efficiently and more profitably. Yet the complexity and scale of the change underway can make it hard to see how digital technologies could work for you. What real benefits can they offer your business?

By bringing together a team of experts with leading insight, a passion for business innovation and deep technical knowledge, we can help you define and build the right digital vision for your business. Going beyond a digital agency or a development shop, we can show you where the most valuable opportunities are for your business, and then help you realize them quickly and confidently to achieve exceptional results.

What we do:

Digital visioning 
We work with you to develop an exciting picture of where digital technologies could take your business – and what you would need to do to achieve exceptional results. We look beyond the possibilities for re-imaging and re-configuring your business to the practicalities of realising your vision.

Concept creation and prototyping  
We bring to life the most compelling elements of your digital vision by developing screen shots, building prototypes and defining user journeys. This work can help you understand and develop the business case for further investment.

Rapid solution delivery 
We work with you to deliver your chosen solution fast. Our priority is to ensure you see real business benefit as early as possible, so we use an agile delivery approach built on short, focused bursts of activity, each yielding tangible results.

Data discovery and visualisation 
We help you understand the value locked in your organisation’s data and prioritise the areas you want to explore. Then we design the software that helps you release knowledge and exploit your data to make better business decisions.

Digital business puts IT right at the heart of the customer experience, presenting both a challenge and an opportunity for IT organizations. The challenge? To move beyond developing and supplying services for internal customers to developing solutions that meet the needs and expectations of external customers too. The opportunity? To win an increasingly influential role within the business by supporting the delivery of an exceptional customer experience, fundamental to securing competitive advantage.

We can help your IT organization meet the challenge and seize the opportunity. We bring fresh, bold thinking to today’s digital reality and our ideas are grounded in our extensive track record of delivering business, IT and cultural change across many industries. We are experts in developing effective processes and systems, but we also have the skills and experience required to bring about transformative and lasting change in the culture and focus of your IT organization.

What we do:

IT service experience 
IT is moving from being a back-office overhead to a front-office value creator. We can help you understand where IT delivers value to external customers, show you how to take ownership for delivering these services, and support you in building a culture of responsiveness.

High-performing IT organizations 
We take account of cultural and behavioral elements, organizational structure and governance, and technical processes, to design IT functions that are efficient and customer-focused. We understand how to implement the required changes, and focus on culture and behavior to deliver sustainable transformation and tangible benefits.

Service integration
IT organizations depend on a complex mix of internal capability and third-party suppliers to provide IT services. This can lead to disjointed services, poor performance and failing supplier relationships. We work with you to establish a common set of integration principles, design the integration operating model, and implement a supplier ecosystem that will address supplier behaviours, commercial arrangements and common processes.

IT cost reduction
IT organizations are constantly under pressure to reduce costs, but often have no clear picture of the actual costs and outcomes associated with individual projects and services. We can bring transparency to your IT costs, quality, risk and volume, in order to improve IT output and cut costs.

To stay ahead, organizations need to be able to transform their IT while continuing to deliver excellence in business as usual.

But sometimes the change required is so complex – or simply so unlike anything you have done before – that you may need extra support. As your IT delivery partner, we can help by bridging the gap between what you can do and what you need to do for long-term success.

Our experts bring years of hands-on IT experience – so they understand the factors that drive complexity and know that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Standing shoulder to shoulder with you, we use our insight to tailor the support we offer precisely to your requirements, so you can be confident that your project will deliver exceptional results.

By collaborating closely with your people, we help them to develop the skills they need to drive future change initiatives – ensuring our work has a deep and lasting impact.

What we do:

Engage the business
We make sure that all stakeholders understand the benefits of the transformation programme and their role in delivering it – a vital foundation for successful change.

Design and build the solution
To increase support for the change, we give stakeholders a voice in the design of the new processes and supporting technology, and use trials and viral roll-outs to drive early benefit realisation.

Select and manage the suppliers
We make sure you get value for money from your suppliers while keeping them committed and engaged. We have no affiliation with major suppliers and our independence means we can act as a truly impartial adviser.

Design and drive the programme
As we plan, resource and drive programme delivery, we operate in mixed teams of clients, consultants and contractors, transferring skills and standing shoulder to shoulder with you to deliver the transformation.

Enable delivery of the outcomes
Rather than trying to impose change, we deliver tailored support for each area of the business, including the leadership team, to help them transition to new ways of working.